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Milk BottleTops for Charity scheme has been extended!

May 6, 2012
TopsForCharity have extended the collection of Plastic from only Milk Tops to ALL SORTS OF  Tops, Lids & Caps, please note the email address and get in touch:
Some schemes ‘fizzle out’ (and they are picking up sacks and sacks of Tops people have collected ‘for something or other’) but this is an on-going perpetual scheme basically to:
    Recycle Plastic
          Reduce Land-fill
            and to
               Raise Cash for Charity
               (The Matthew Project Charity, Reg Charity Number = 1122801).
Please refer to the attached Poster below which will explain the Plastic  we need to be collected now includes:
rinsed-clean Plastic Yogurt Pots (STACKED inside each other, please);
rinsed-clean Plastic Micro-Biotic Bots (CRUSHED & CUT UP, please);
and rinsed-clean Plastic Tubes (CUT UP, please).  (see Poster below).
Sacks of collected Plastic Tops, etc can be dropped off to:
      All Saints Centre, Norwich (see Poster for details).
Some Rotarian groups are also collecting, especially in East Anglia. 
Contact your local Branch to see if they are participating.
 There are other things you can do with empty & unwanted plastic tops and packs of course if you have a creative mind! – take a look at the recreationsproject site.
 You should be able to copy this poster, so download a few and give to your friends and colleagues.
new bottle top poster

recycle plastics for charity

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